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Induction type KWH meter type VAM-1LR measure active energy in single phase 2 wire systems and are used in domestic metering. The superior design and constructional features backed by high quality components ensure consistency and accuracy at all loads and good performance throughout the period of its life time.

Frame: Die cast aluminium frame

Base and Cover: CRCA sheet or polycarbonate Base and Cover.

Upper Bearing: Highly polished non magnetic stainless steel 0.55mm dia.

Electromagnet: Both current and pressure Electromagnets are made of CRNO low watt loss silicon steel.

Break Magnet: 4 pole pressure die casted ALNICO V or VI.

Register: 6 digit cyclometer type register capable of reading 99999.9 or unidirectional counter.

Adjustments: Three independent adjustments for full load, inductive load and low load provided.

Bottom Bearing: Double Jewel or Magnetic Suspension.


Reference Standard: IS 13010: 1990
Reference Voltage: 230/240V AC, 50Hz
Voltage Circuit Power Loss: Less than 1 Watt
Current Ratings: 2.5-10A, 10-40A
2.5-5A, 5-10A, 10-20A
or 20-40A, 5-20A or 5-30A.
Revs/KWH: 2400, 1200, 600 or 300
Starting Current: 0.75% of lb.
HV Test: 2KV AC for 1 minute
RPM at Basic Current: less than 18

As per the recommendations of Indian Standards. Individual meters are packed in corrugated boxes and then 20 individual meter boxes are put into a single cardboard box. We also provide thermocole boxes for packing, if required.

Automatic Semaphore Indicators, Lamp Holders, Fuse Fittings, Test Terminal Blocks, Push Buttons etc.

OVER 3 Lakh. Nos. Meters installed in Maharashtra

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