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VAM Electro Devices Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai make Electronic Single phase KWH meter type VAM - ILRE consists of three sections i.e. power supply, measurement section and display section.

The power supply section will feed the power to the measurement and display sections from the input voltage with a minimum possible burden.

The measurement sections is connected to the basic voltage and basic current signals of the input phase with respect to the neutral in the mode of 1 phase 2 wire configuration. These individual voltage and current signals will be signal conditioned and processed in mixed signal DSP core based integrated circuit which is capable of performing the bidirectional power calculations across a wide dynamic range of power to an excellent overall accuracy limit.

The calculated power will be indicated by the pulse output frequency and it is integrated over a period of time to give energy measurement. This method of calculation of power takes power factor into account. Thus output pulse rate follows the instantaneous power measured and the same is utilised to drive an electromagnetic impulse counter or stepper motor driven counter in the display section.

The display section not only consists of an electromagnetic impulse counter with a register of 6 digits(Five full digit and one decimal digit) capable of reading 99999.9 (Almost one hundred mega watthour with a resolution of one tenth of a kilowatthour). LCD display is also provided with software features like maximum demand, six timezones for time-of-the-day metering etc.

Three or four LEDs are provided, one to indicate the power ON indication and the other LED to indicate the pulse output for calibration purposes to give predetermined number of pulse for the meter constant as marked on the name plate per kilowatthour, earthed connections and reverse connections are also indicated by LEDs.

For normal connection, terminal1 and 2 is normally used for supply and terminal 3 and 4 for load side connection. The meter will record correctly if these terminals are reversed or earthed.

Reference Standard: IS 13779
Voltage: 240V, 50Hz
Current: 5-40A, 5-30A.
Starting Current: 0.4% lb.
Power loss in voltage circuit: less than 1 W.

Meters are housed in metal housing having bakelite terminal block or poly-carbonate base cover, terminal block and terminal cover

Type Tested as per IS 13779 latest amendment

We also manufacture all types of single and three phase multi-function meters with software features as per the customer's requirement with anti-tamper features like open cover detection, immunity to 0.5T DC magnet etc.


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