Push Buttons are available in 30.5 mm as well as 22.5 mm cutout dia.

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Push Button Actuator is suitable for mounting on panel and is completely dust and vermin proof. Flexible washers are provided on the actuator to make it water tight. Outer cover of the actuator is made of Mazak material chrome plated for better appearance. We also make all plastic body.

Front of the knob is flush with outer cover. Generally used as 'start' button and any other operation such as 'Test','Accept','Reset' etc.

The knob protrudes out to facilitate quick and impulsive operation. Normally used for 'Stop' operations.

Mushroom shaped knob makes the push button distinct and easily approachable. The knob can also be supplied with stayput arrangement so that it remains in pressed position on operation. The resetting is done by pulling the knob out. Normally required for emergency operation.
Key operated actuator can also be supplied on request.

Knobs can be supplied in RED,GREEN,YELLOW,BLUE and BLACK colours.

For 22.5 mm dia push button knob with 1 NO or 1 NC contact element is provided. Maximum 4 contacts in any combination of NO or NC can be provided.
For 30.5 mm dia push buttons contact elements having 1 NO + 1 NC is provided and maximum 4 elements can be provided on one actuator.
Contacts are of make before break type. Rating of each contact is 6A @415V AC and 1A @250V DC (Breaking)

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